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 BDSM  - Black Dominant Slutty Mistress!

Hey you,

By any chance, do you happen to be one of those LITTLE PENIS BOY'S?

you that your LITTLE PEE-PEE is way to SMALL

Feel the HUMILIATION, feel your tiny DICKLET come out of it's resting state INSTANTLY!

CALL ME, I will give you ALL the HUMILIATION you......NEED!

When Calling just Say...(I have a LITTLE PEE-PEE) 
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Wanna Join Me For A Smoke?


Some SECRETS are hard to live with...but defiantly worth keeping! 

You can't resist


MY LIPS - Registered Concealed Weapon Holder

No Frame

Domination/Humiliation Fetish-Line

1-800-863-5478 Ext 9449411

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BDSM - Black Dominant Smoking Mistress

Hello Faggots! Either you are gonna choke or smoke, Get a cloud of smoke right in your face or… even better… This beautiful Mistresses will smoke while hardly paying you any attention.

You’ll surely enjoy the fresh ash as it gets longer and longer while you crave, wish and hope that Miss Violator's cigarette ashes would fall in and all around your dirty mouth and ass.. my glorious, heavy white smoke blown right in your dirty mouth and on your pathetic looking face.

Another lesson of obedience must be taught!

Call Now to listen to me LIVE, as I inhale for a long time while you get rock hard and then hear me blow my smoke, instead of blowing you crave and beg me to use you as my ashtray, you worthless piece of shit!

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ass worship
When I am available, you can call me on either service below:

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